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Adventures at our ZooSchool

Believe it or not - learning can be fun!

Whether day care center or school classes - basic zoological knowledge and an ecological understanding are imparted in an age-appropriate manner at the ZooSchool Eberswalde. Experiencing and understanding animals - Eberswalde Zoo provides offers for groups of all ages.

Animals from close up!

An important experience

The ZooSchool invites daycare children aged 3–7 to get closer to the animals. Topics about animals and nature are taught to children in an age-appropriate manner. Topics might be for example the "Life of an animal family" or the "Work of a zoo keeper".

Exciting lessons

New perspectives

The ZooSchool offers expeditions individually designd for schools. Teachers will be supported by the ZooSchool team to make exciting biology or interdisciplinary lessons happen. Animal contacts are made, background knowledge is imparted, worksheets, binoculars and magnifying glasses are made available.

Learning by all senses

Project days in the zoo

Project lessons at Eberswalde Zoo are always experience-oriented and mainly focused on zoo-centered topics. Species protection and environmental education are on our focus. For example, the formicarium and the subject of “Ants as an important key link in the forest ecosystem”. Our formicarium which has been looked after by students for years.

Knowledge for Seniors

A different kind of ZooVisit

The ZooSchool offers intensive stuies of specific topics on request. For example, animal observation in the zoo is preceded by an introduction to animal biology or species protection and offers an entertaining ZooViisit. Find out more.

Happy Holidays!

Adventure holidays in the zoo

Get out and have fun! Participants do handicrafts, paint, play and design under supervision. During school holidays in Berlin-Brandenburg, Eberswalde Zoo offers supervised adventure holidays in the ZooSchool with exciting days of action for school children.

Happy Birthday!

Have a party with us!

Stroll through the zoo with your guests - paint and do handicrafts, design beautiful jewelry and cool T-shirts - and then eat treats you brought with you at the beautifully decorated birthday table. The ZooSchool makes it happen. And best of all: birthday children have free entry!

Fairytale hike

Are you afraid of the big bad wolf?

Do not be! The bad wolf only exists in fairy tales. Just like the gold donkey or the talking lion king. But many animal fairy-tales come to life within the “fairytale hike” at Zoo Eberswalde. On the fairy tale hike, children can test their knowledge of fairy tales and fables. A varied alternative to German lessons in the classroom.

Hey Safari!

Discover five continents in one tour!

Adventures are guaranteed on a children's safari at Eberswalde Zoo. There are a thousand things to discover: Where does this species live in the wild? Why is this bird only walking and not flying? How do monkeys communicate? On this tour, groups of children can travel around the whole world.

Let off steam!

Great offers for children

Ten adventure playgrounds, a petting zoo, a children's safari and lots of fun withhin our holiday offers - Eberswalde Zoo is one of the most popular excursion destinations for families in Berlin and Brandenburg!