Immediate Affinity

Daycare centers

Get close to the animals!

The ZooSchool invites daycare children aged 3–7 to get closer to the animals. Topics about animals and nature are taught to children in an age-appropriate manner. Topics might be for example the “Life of an animal family” or the “Work of a zoo keeper”.

On a one-hour tour you can not only feed but also stroke selected animals. Feel the difference between fur and feathers. Learn, where animals do sleep at night, who hatches from an egg and which animal lives in the cave.

The ZooSchool’s team furthermore offers the tour Child safari or the Fairytale hike but we are also happy to help you with your individual topics. In addition to the tour, a creative offer (approx. 30 minutes) can be provided, for example plaster figures can be painted or various materials can be tinkered with. Do you want to do handicrafts independently from a guided tour? Then bring your the children only to do handicrafts, for example during Easter or Advent.

The ZooSchool team will be happy to help. Please call us at
Phone 0 33 34/2 28 09 or send us an
email to