++ Last updated: 09.04.2024 ++ The zoo is open for you every day, including Sundays and holidays. We look forward to seeing you. The last admission is at 18:00.

Adventure playgrounds

This is the life!

Viewing platforms and observation points provide visitors of all ages with a wide variety of perspectives. On nine adventure and themed playgrounds - such as the glacier playground with a climate path - there is pure sport, play and excitement.

Environmental education

Experience and appreciate nature

Environmental awareness is very important here, so that especially young animal lovers can gain a lasting perspective while having fun and games. But special offers are also made for senior groups, clubs and groups with severe disabilities.

Petting zoo

Touching allowed!

Of course you can stroke donkeys, goats and ponies in the petting zoo! If you dare, you can stroke and even feed other animals at Eberswalde Zoo during the summer months. Get close to our animals! Enjoy a real zoo experience - worth remembering not only for children.

Holiday fun

Cheer up!

Get out and have fun! Participants do handicrafts, paint, play and design under supervision. During the school holidays in Berlin-Brandenburg, Eberswalde Zoo offers supervised adventure holidays in the ZooSchool with exciting days of action for school children.

Offspring at the zoo

Almost 400 young animals per year

The zoo is happy to welcome new born residents nearly every month. Most animal children are born in the month of may, almost 400 young animals per year. Lately, in june 2023 the porcupines happily had twin-babies. Find out more about the latest new-comers at Eberswalde Zoo.

Pacifier tree & Co.

Offers dedicated to families

Eberswalde Zoo is a perfect place for the whole family. There are many offers that have been developed for the needs of both - young and elderly family members. Our pacifier tree, where your little ones can say goodbye to their beloved companions is only one example.

Student internship

Would you like to do an internship at the zoo?

Are you from the Berlin-Brandenburg area? Are you in the 8th grade or even further? Then apply for a student internship at the zoo! A wide variety of internships can be offered at Eberswalde Zoo from March to November.