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Exciting lessons

The ZooSchool offers expeditions to the individually designd for schools. Teachers who have an idea for exciting biology or interdisciplinary lesson will be supported by the ZooSchool team. Animal contacts are made, background knowledge is imparted, worksheets, binoculars and magnifying glasses are available.

Lessons (between 1 and 1.5 hours) as well as a guided tour of the zoo (approx. 1 hour) can be booked. A combination of both is also possible. A creative session with different materials (approx. 30 minutes) can on request be part of the offer.

Subject offers for the class migh be for example:

Elementary school

  • From wild animal to pet
  • Observe and draw animals
  • Young animals (mother-child behavior)
  • The living world in miniature (working with a magnifying glass and microscope, collecting and observing animal and vegetable objects)
  • Adaptation of animals to different habitats
  • The penguins as special representatives of the birds
  • Big cats in the zoo
  • Different monkeys in comparison
  • Fairytale hike
  • Suggestions for topics are welcome

Secondary level I:

  • The keen senses of animals
  • Rainforest

Secondary level II:

  • Behavioral biology (observations of behavior in wolves, for example)
  • Tasks of the zoological gardens

The ZooSchool also offers individual project days.

In addition to regular entry to the zoo, each child can buy a ZooSchool ticket for € 1.50.

The ZooSchool team will be happy to help. Please call us at
Phone 0 33 34/2 28 09 or send us an
email to