Theme day lessons at Eberswalde Zoo mean action. We focus mainly on subjects related to our zoo, such as conservation of species and environmental education. 

In addition to subjects that are part of the biology curriculum, we can also offer interdisciplinary projects. A project concentrating on wolves, for instance, can include observation of the animals, explanations about social interaction between wolves along with an artistic approach to the subject. In most cases, interaction with the animals will be possible. Our experienced keepers can tell you all about feeding, breeding, the natural habitat and many other things.

Our animal population and our location at the centre of „Nonnenfließ/Schwärzetal“ nature reserve make Eberswalde Zoo a perfect setting for practical theme day lessons. If, for instance, you are interested in „Red ants as a key link in the forest ecosystem“, try out our formicarium that has been maintained by students for years.