Eberswalde Zoo is a gem among Germany’s animal parks. What also makes it special is the zoo’s commitment to the protection of species, environment and climate. Environmental awareness is very important to us and we are keen to develop an interest in environmental questions among young people. We also offer special arrangements for senior citizen groups, clubs or disabled visitor groups.

 Exotic encounter

Our animal enclosures were built to strongly resemble the animal’s natural habitat. They provide room for close encounters with animals from all five continents throughout the year: from the world’s most exciting lion enclosure to Amur tigers in a glacial landscape, from a joint enclosure for bears and wolves to our jungle house and an Australian meadow to be explored by the visitors.

 Discover and explore

Viewing platforms and viewpoints, educational pavilions, eco trails and interactive games invite youngsters and adults to explore, experiment and to make discoveries.

 Behind the scenes

Most visitors can only guess how much work and dedication it takes to create viable habitat concepts based on nature which also allow our animals and visitors to interact. A look behind the scenes provides a new insight.